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DJ Kair One – Three-In-One Breaks Looper + 7″

Three-In-One Breaks by DJ Kair One

New looper + 7″ scratch record, Three-In-One Breaks, by DJ Kair One from California. This 7″ scratch record is twelve skipless tracks of boombap samples with a rugged underground hiphop feel. Full of phrases you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s a limited edition so act fast before it’s sold out. Watch video below for a sample of the record and click HERE to cop it.

Three-In-One Breaks looper is 7 dope beats all produced by DJ Kair One in a boombap style and 84 – 125BPM range. Download Three-In-One Breaks on TableBeats today and start your session!

DJ Kair One – Three-In-One Breaks (7 beats)

01 Yeshua – 100BPM

02 Isaiah – 100BPM

03 David – 84BPM

04 Jacob – 99BPM

05 Paul – 98BPM

06 Abraham – 85BPM

07 Lot – 125BPM

Connect with DJ Kair One:     

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