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DJ Grazzhoppa – The Fresh Commandments

The Fresh Commandments by DJ Grazzhoppa

Fila Cuti presents The Fresh Commandments looper by DJ Grazzhoppa, from BelgiumEuropean & Belgium DMC Champ 1991, 3rd ITF World Championships 1998, he’s been part of over 100 official releases (vinyl, CD, Digital format and tons of Mixtapes), click here to find out more. DJ Grazzhoppa is now adding his first solo looper to TableBeats library, The Fresh Commandments. It’s 10 dope beats all produced by DJ Grazzhoppa, and presented by Fila Cuti. Download The Fresh Commandments on TableBeats today and get busy with!

DJ Grazzhoppa – The Fresh Commandments (10 beats)

01 Filadelfila – 96BPM

02 Put ‘Em On – 103BPM

03 Get Stupid Ya’ll – 90BPM

04 Filaholic – 128BPM

05 Fila Flav – 86BPM

06 The Cage – 115BPM

07 Ya Better Bring Ya Fila – 94BPM

08 Future Fila – 105BPM

09 Filaflow – 150BPM

10 Fila Collins – 93.5BPM

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