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DJ Anwar Supreme - Supreme Beats Vol.1

From California and from the old school days of Hiphop with older kids b-boying on cardboard in front of their yards. With Breakdance to Graffiti to Emcee and DJDJ Anwar Supreme surely earned his merit badges in the ”Elements of Hiphop”. DJ Anwar Supreme started out as an old school producer making beats using only two tape decks, by hitting rewind, and then record the good parts to make the dopest loops. He then proceeded the love of loop making in college and got into software with abilities to do much more, and master his looping skills ever further. Today with the technology and many tools available DJ Anwar Supreme has a lot of creativity to share since the days of only using two tape decks.

We at TableBeats are very honored to have the opportunity to release DJ Anwar Supremes first solo looper – Supreme beats Vol.1 – to TableBeats library. It´s 10 dope beats all produced by DJ Anwar Supreme. BPM range between 75 - 175. Download Supreme Beats vol.1 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

DJ Anwar Supreme - Cut Master - 92BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Rampage - 175BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Slow Down - 75BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Smooth Job - 94BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Corona Virus Vaccine - 102BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Good Time - 75BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Big Pimpin - 85BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Imperial Checkmate - 95BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Tha Hook Upz - 91BPM

DJ Anwar Supreme - Hallelujah . 86BPM


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