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DJ A1 – Skiratcha Breaks 2 7″

Skiratcha Breaks 2 7″ by DJ A1

DJ A1 is out with volume two of the Skiratcha Breaks series. It’s a limited edition 7″ scratch record with tons of new skipless samples to use. The traditional “aah” & “fresh” is  of course on this record as well, but don’t miss out on the other dope samples DJ A1 is bringing us on Skiratcha Breaks 2. Don’t sleep on this one, as I’ve heard it’s not many copies left. Get yours today at

Make sure to check out Skiratcha Looper by DJ A1 to go with the 7″ Skiratcha Breaks 1 & 2. Skiratcha Looper was released on TableBeats one year ago and has 13 dope beats on it, all produced by DJ A1.


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