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Cut & Paste Records Featured With Two Loopers

Two Loopers Added by Cut & Paste Records ‘Cadance With Rhythm & Flow’ & ‘7 Samurai’

Two new looper from Cut & Paste Records is added to the TableBeats library, ‘Cadence with Rhythm & Flow‘ and ‘7 Samurai’ by Symatic. 7 + 8 dope beats to practice yo cuts to. All produced by Si Symati at Cut & Paste Records.

Check out this interview with Symatic by 25ThC for

Symatic & Darcy D is not only making loopers for you all they also make scratch records. The first release they made at Cut & Paste Records was ‘Cadence with Rhythm & Flow’ and a second, ‘Combinations from the Masters’. Both on 12″ vinyl. Make sure you get a copy before they’re all sold out!

Shop Cut & Paste Records scratch tools here ->

Download Cut & Paste Records scratch tools here ->

Darcy D. “Combinations from the Masters” by Symatic and Kutclass test press.


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