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Cut Fresh - Straight From The Source EP + Looper

DJ & Producer with the golden era of hiphop in focus – Cut Fresh – is releasing his debut looper – Straight From The Source – to TableBeats library. It´s a looper edition of the EP version Straight Form The Source with rhymes by Boogie Bang and cuts by Cut Fresh. The EP is 6 dope tracks, as well as the looper edition. BPM range between 85 - 102. You can find Straight From The Source EP version via Spotify / Apple Music etc. Download Straight From The Source looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Cut Fresh - Bring It Back - 90BPM

Cut Fresh - Back To The Beat - 85BPM

Cut Fresh - Mr Funky Man - 90BPM

Cut Fresh - Everything - 85BPM

Cut Fresh - Ways Of The Underground - 90BPM

Cut Fresh - Rockin With The Best - 102BPM


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