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Brocoder - Alpha Looper Vol.1

The first in the series – Alpha Looper Vol.1 – of Brocoder releases that uses the Natural Harmonic Mixing Catalogue System. When pitch-shifted (no key lock) to match tempo, the keys of all beats will also be shifted to match. Made for harmonic scratching with Brocoder’s forthcoming series of musical scratch records using the same system. Alpha Looper Vol.1 is 6 dope beats all produced by Brocoder. BPM range between 71 - 126. Graphics made by Memo. Download Alpha Looper Vol.1 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Brocoder - Sauce Lab - 100BPM

Brocoder - Robocar Anthem - 112BPM

Brocoder - Space Punch - 126BPM

Brocoder - Sci Fi Trap - 71BPM

Brocoder - Jah Moon - 79BPM

Brocoder - Bumper Sticker - 89BPM


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