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Brocoder - Alpha Looper Vol.2

The second installment in the series – Alpha Looper – of Brocoder releases that uses the Natural Harmonic Mixing Catalogue System. When pitch-shifted (no key lock) to match tempo, the keys of all beats will also be shifted to match. Alpha Looper Vol.2 is 7 dope beats, all produced by Brocoder. BPM range between 75 - 133. Download Alpha Looper Vol.2 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Brocoder - Crave It - 106BPM

Brocoder - Tamed Anxiety - 119BPM

Brocoder - Take It Off - 133BPM

Brocoder - I Know You Need It - 75BPM

Brocoder - All the Way - 84BPM

Brocoder - Not So Hood Rat - 84BPM

Brocoder - Cash Out Riddim - 94BPM


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