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Blunt Runners - Emergency Looper

Ostil World & Mr. RazorBlunt Runners – a partnership formed in 2018 between producer Ostil World and DJ Mr. Razor. Their objective is to celebrate and pay homage to the Hiphop culture and its elements. Continuing the tradition of the original techniques – DIGGING, SAMPLING, DJING & TURNTABLISM – through a unique atmosphere where the symbiosis between beats and scratch take center stage.

Blunt Runners released their debut album – State of Emergency – on December 18th on all major streaming platforms – Spotify, iTunes, Tidal etc. The title was chosen before the pandemic began and came from Steel Pulse’s theme with the same name. State of Emergency is a homage to the Hiphop culture and to those who built it. It’s created with the objective of empowering the culture's foundations such as digging, sampling, DJing & turntablism.

State of Emergency is not only a full album released on all major streaming platforms, they also made a looper edition – Emergency Looper – now added to TableBeats library. It’s 12 dope beats all produced by Blunt Runners. 12 versions of the same tracks from the full album State of Emergency. BPM range between 80 - 97. Download Emergency Looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Blunt Runners - Emergency Loop - 84BPM

Blunt Runners - Murder Loop - 82BPM

Blunt Runners - Herb Loop - 92BPM

Blunt Runners - Elevate Loop - 87BPM

Blunt Runners - Original Loop - 90BPM

Blunt Runners - Brake Loop - 92BPM

Blunt Runners - Something Loop - 89BPM

Blunt Runners - Filthy Loop - 80BPM

Blunt Runners - Bad Loop - 96BPM

Blunt Runners - Killer Loop - 88BPM

Blunt Runners - Monster Loop - 80BPM

Blunt Runners - Louder Loop - 97BPM


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