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Best of sXriptures + Exclusive Beats

Exclusive Beats & Best of.. by sXriptures sXriptures Best of.. + 6 Exclusive Beats sXriptures DJ/Producer from Houston and now a DJ/producer at Cut & Paste Records. He’s a hard working man and have made several gigabytes worth of loops. He have now decided to make a collections of his finest work. Best of sXriptures 15 beats. While digging thru his collection he decided to give 6 beats exclusively to TableBeats! This makes a total of 21 dope beats added to TableBeats library by sXriptures.

sXriptures – Best of.. (Exclusive)

 Last Night of Sept Oct 1st Slow Burner Subtlties Twoonchi Untilted

sXriptures – Best of.. (Exclusive)

Bay Bongos Bouncy Arp Cool Edit Loop Noisey Grihstuhlls Loop Iduag Lost One Mk1 Pad Loop March 2nd Mufasa Otto Red Looper Severed Some Acid for the Snobbery Tesla Download TableBeats free on the App Store and start your session with dope beats by sXriptures!


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