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Beats by HZA vol2 by DJ Hypnotize

DJ Hypnotize aka Tha HZA featured with Beats by HZA vol2

DJ Hypnotize is once again featured with some dope beats. Tha HZA adds Beats by HZA vol2, 5 dope beats for you to cut to. Download TableBeats on the App Store today and start your session!

DJ Hypnotize – Beats by HZA vol.2 (5 beats)

Production Credits: D-Styles, Souljaboy, Lil B, Big Keezy etc.

Awards: 4x Qbert Skratch University Skratch Battle Winner 2013 Houston Hip Hop Struggle Skratch Battle Winner

DJ Hypnotize Brings Skratch Fest to Houston

Skratch Fest in Houston, February 12. Hosted by DJ Hypnotize aka Tha HZA. Skratch Fest features open turntables with mini battles and great prizes. Click the link below and find out what Tha HZA has to say about the scratch culture and the upcoming Skratch Fest.


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