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Ale Fillman - Battle Talk Beats Vol.1

Producer & scratcher from ColoradoAle Fillman – is adding his first solo looper to TableBeats library – Battle Talk Beats Vol.1. It’s 7 dope beats all produced by Ale Fillman. BPM range between 87 - 100. Download Battle Talk Beats Vol.1 on TableBeats todayand get busy with it!

Ale Fillman - Make It Jump - 100BPM

Ale Fillman - Lotus Flower - 94BPM

Ale Fillman - Slow Flows - 87BPM

Ale Fillman - Tear Shit Up - 90BPM

Ale Fillman - Mid 90s Drive - 88BPM

Ale Fillman - Hit the Breaks - 95BPM

Ale Fillman - Scratching on a Yacht - 95BPM


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