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TableBeats – Perfectly looped beats for your practice & jam sessions. Free to use and now with over 8.000 beats to choose from. Fresh beats by producers from all over the world is being added on a regular basis – Boom Bap, Electro, Breakbeat, DnB, Funk, Trap, and much more.

TableBeats have been active since December of 2014. I [Daniel Hulth] started the journey in early 2014. There haven’t been any income at all in this period. A few dollars from ads and subscriptions from the android version, but all and even more from my own pocket is going straight to server and website fees. I have also paid a lot for freelancers to make TableBeats to what it is today. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to have been able to this and watch how people all over the world appreciate and love TableBeats and what it brings them. Although being happy doing something will unfortunately not pay the bills. I have done this since 2014 and have not really thought of monetizing it properly. But now, after close to an equivalent $50k in debt, I can’t keep it up on myself anymore.

I have now realized that I have a responsibility towards the skratch community and the culture in whole to keep TableBeats alive, but also to push it forward. Some of you probably know about my personal situation and that it makes things much more difficult for me than it actually should be. I struggle with mental health issues, a major major loss in my life, and of course another big one which is my finance. For the past two years TableBeats servers have been paid for by Amazon, that luxury unfortunately ended February 28th. The server costs is more than I can handle at this point. It costs around $200-300 per month for servers and website to stay up. So, to keep TableBeats alive I need your support. I have put in tons of my own money thru the years. Definitely been super happy to do so, I wish I could keep doing so. But, I can’t keep it up by myself any longer, no matter how much I want to. Also, it’s not a bad thing to ask for help sometimes either, not something I’m used to to be honest. I have actually got several messages from people (some almost a bit angry too lol) telling me I really need to get paid or at least have a way for people to support and give back to me and the culture via TableBeats. I think some great ideas and ways to work things out will be of much greater value when I’m now opening up like this. The people have spoken and I’m now making this, as I see it, huge change and improvement in how TableBeats is being managed.

I have a much greater vision for TableBeats than where we’re at now. I wanted it all to happen at once, but obviously it doesn’t work that way. So... I have come to the conclusion that small steps is a lot better than no steps at all. With your support I am certain we can take TableBeats to great levels. That is for both the users and for the awesome producers – whom contributed with their dope work with no charge, just for the sake of the culture. It’s a dream/vision/must to give the producers a paycheck from the use of their work of art. Indeed a great change and necessary upgrade for the looper world for sure. I have loads of ideas to say the least. By starting this Patreon I am also getting extra motivation to push forward as hard as I can. Even tho I have issues in my personal life that is holding me back a lot, I still feel the responsibility to not let this go to waste. TableBeats is not about me, it is not me, it has become a great piece of the culture.

Back in 2014, when I started the journey with TableBeats, I had no idea that there would be over 7000 beats by close to 1000 producers featured in our library. I am super honored and proud. It have definitely helped me in several ways, except financially tho lol. Couldn’t have asked for a better community either. Friendly and super extra supportive – from rookie DJs to pro DJs to brands to producers to producers outside of the culture.. the list is long of the amazing people involved in making it as dope as it is today. It really is an honor to be working with TableBeats and everyone involved in one way or another. It sure is time tho, to take some great steps in pursuit of my full vision to where TableBeats deserves to be at. Your support is therefor much appreciated and much needed at this point.

As the great supporter you are I will give you insights in the steps I’m taking. I will do my best to send out newsletters with info on what’s happening with updates, plans etc.., 1-3 times per month or so. Also to stay close connected with you all here on Patreon for your thoughts and comments on certain things, and more. Only time will tell how it all will evolve.

As shown on TableBeats website we have one more fella on the team, Victor Jansson. He have done version 3 for iOS – without getting paid a dime for it. He is a huge asset to me and TableBeats to say the least. Unfortunately he got his own bills to pay and therefor lack the time to put in on the necessary changes and upgrades needed. I am super grateful for what he did with putting the code together for TableBeats 3.0. He is still, and will hopefully always be, officially on the TableBeats team and I can always reach out for help when issues pops up now and then. Super helpful and important!

Like I said above, TableBeats is not about me at all. I am only the captain of the ship. Unfortunately (or luckily) at this point I can see the iceberg.. I, with you all, will definitely not let it hit and sink. With the fire support our community delivers the iceberg will melt for sure and give us the stable course we need.

If you decide to give TableBeats and me your support in making real steps to updates and improvements, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. TableBeats is what I am supposed to do. So, supporting TableBeats is also supporting me doing what I love to do.

Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️


/Daniel Hulth, founder & owner of TableBeats


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Daniel Hulth

Founder & CEO

Victor Jansson – TableBeats

Victor Jansson

CO-Founder & CTO

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