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TableBeats is made in Sweden, and was first launched in December 2014. It started out with one man [Daniel Hulth] working with freelance developers to make this app idea come true. The idea was simply to make an app with looped beats to practice scratch, rap or any other instrument over. Today we have several thousand beats in several different styles by the greatest producers from all over the world. You will in other words definitely find beats that fit your taste. We are always looking for new fresh beats to add to our already big beat library. Download TableBeats for free today and get busy with it!

With our special in-app functions such as Pitch and Lock BPM you will be able to browse thru downloaded beats via BPM. Set your desired BPM on the pitch – activate Lock BPM – press Next until you find your style and get funky with it!

More info about TableBeats & us behind it coming soon...

Scrach Break / Swiftstyle
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Daniel Hulth

Founder & CEO


Victor Jansson – TableBeats

Victor Jansson

CO-Founder & CTO


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TableBeats brings you 6000+ dope beats for your practice & jam sessions. Perfectly looped beats for hourly long sessions. Free Download  –  iOS  &  Android.
Get free instant access to thousands of dope and fresh beats  –  Over 800 of the greatest producers worldwide.

Free Download – App Store [v3.0.4] & Google Play [v2.0].

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